Episode 40: Revenge of the Nerds (with Greg Tilton)

Happy New Year everyone! It's our last episode of 2017, and what better way to end the year than with an awesome guest! This week, Greg Tilton (of Rumor Flies and Jacks of Trades) returns to discuss the failed attempt... Continue Reading →


Episode 39: Fish Police

It's a Christmas Miracle (curse?). It is our shortest episode because the show we cover is the worst thing we've ever watched. We covered a show we originally vowed to never cover, Fish Police. This HORRIBLE atrocity of televison starred... Continue Reading →

Episode 38: The Adventures of Super Pup

We cover our oldest show yet this week, with a very special guest. We covered The Adventures of Super Pup, a version of Superman where everyone is a dog, with Drew from Headline Heroes! This may be the worst TV... Continue Reading →

Episode 37: Justice League of America

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! This year, we're thankful that this horrible TV show didn't make it past the pilot episode! With the Justice League movie coming out, Ed and Andy decided to cover the 1997 TV movie/pilot episode for Justice League... Continue Reading →

Episode 36: Mr. Sunshine

We cover one of the many projects Matthew Perry had after Friends finished its run, Mr. Sunshine. Perry plays a guy that manages a stadium, and zaniness ensues. Pitches include The Harlem Globetrotters, a hockey miscommunication, and the return of... Continue Reading →

Episode 35: Clone High (with My Thing Can Beat Your Thing)

We're joined by Phil from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing this week to discuss Clone High. Tangents ensue, clones are discussed, and both pitch some good episodes with characterizations of historical figures. Click here to download Theme song by... Continue Reading →

Episode 34: The Elvira Show

OOoooOOOhhh, it's our spooky Halloween special! This week, we cover The Elvira Show, and its so bad it's scary. Pitches include Jack Black, a Sabrina crossover, and a meta episode. Click here to download Promos this week from Something Random... Continue Reading →

Episode 33: Total Recall 2070

We're back after our week off, and our audio got messed up, thanks Zencastr. This week, Steve returns to discuss Total Recall 2070 and it's Blade Runner connections. Promos this week from .CON and Writer's Bone Click to download Check... Continue Reading →

Episode 32: Ghosted

Well, this is new, we cover a TV show that is still on the air this week. Our Pre-Cogs predict this show will be canceled, so we preemptively did an episode on it. This week, we cover the Fox sitcom... Continue Reading →

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