Episode 17: Mockingbird Lane

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Ed and Eddy celebrate Halloween this week in this spooktacular episode. This week, they watch the 2012 Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane. The show, starring Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, Eddie Izzard, written by Bryan Fuller, is... Continue Reading →

Episode 16: Heat Vision and Jack

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD This week, Ed and Eddy delve into Heat Vision and Jack, a pilot produced for Fox, that wasn't picked up, about an astronaut that gets super intelligence from sunlight who goes on adventures with his talking... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind UnAired!

This one's a long read, so buckle up. This is basically the story of how UnAired! came to be. I've been a long time fan of podcasts and was always interested in media production. Back in 2014, a few friends... Continue Reading →

Bloopers: Episode 14 & 15

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click, save as) Here's our first bit of site exclusive content! It the bloopers and cut bits from Episode 14: Nobody's Watching and Episode 15: Young Macgyver. Enjoy!    

Welcome to UnAired!

We have our website all set up now! On this site, you'll find all of our episodes, some exclusive content in the future, as well as some other things like blog posts. All of our social media is conveniently linked... Continue Reading →

Episode 15: Young MacGyver

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click, save as) This week, Ed and Eddy MacGyver a new episode out of paperclips, a rubber band, and last month's Maxim Magazine. They watch the 2003 unaired pilot "Young MacGyver" starring Jared Padalecki of... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Nobody’s Watching

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click, save as) Ed and Eddy delve into Bill Lawrence's failed (and aptly titled show) Nobody's Watching. Join them as they torture themselves by recanting this atrocity that was dropped by both the WB and... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Something Wilder

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click, save as) Ed and Eddy get wild this week with the NBC sitcom Something Wilder. Join them as they try to honor Gene Wilder by discussing his bizarre sitcom, featuring Alice Cooper, a dominatrix,... Continue Reading →

UnAired: The Sampler

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click, save as) Heyo there, Logic ate Eddy's audio track from what was supposed to be last week's episode, and we wasted time this week trying to recover it to no avail, so we didn't... Continue Reading →

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