This one’s a long read, so buckle up. This is basically the story of how UnAired! came to be. I’ve been a long time fan of podcasts and was always interested in media production. Back in 2014, a few friends of mine and I decided to start a podcast of our own. The podcast was initially put on one of their YouTube channels and later added to iTunes. We made about 15 episodes over the course of roughly a year, but then things sort of came to a halt. Before I get to that, let me explain what the podcast itself was. It was called Loudcast Podcast and was essentially just us chatting for between one to two hours. We didn’t really have a consistent release schedule, as evidenced by the 15 episodes over one year. While I did have fun with that podcast, I wanted to make something more focused, something more niche, more unique. I tried to talk everyone else into changing the podcast, giving it some kind of theme, but other than one other co-host, everyone else wanted it to just stay the same. As a result, that co-host and myself decided to leave the podcast. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with what we made and proud of it, but I just felt the need to make something different, something unique. I started thinking about what kind of show I wanted to make….the problem was, I didn’t really know where to start. I thought to myself, what interests me, what types of things do I really enjoy? I pondered this for a while and came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something media related, either about television, film, or both. From there I thought about making sort of an improv game show styled after Who’s Line is it Anyways, but with games related to television and film. It was going to be called “Plot Twits.” I only got about as far as making three different games for the show: One where the contestants pitch “failed” taglines for movies, another where the contestants pitch unlikely movie sequels, and one where they pitch unlikely television crossovers. I ended up putting Plot Twits on the backburner while I tried to get more ideas for it. After a little while, I came up with another idea for a show. In this show, which would have been called “One Season Sendoff”, we [the co-hosts and myself] would watch and review a show that was canceled after only one season. That idea didn’t get far before I decided to merge some ideas from Plot Twits (the movie/television pitch games) and some from One Season Sendoff (watching and reviewing short lived shows). This is ultimately how UnAired! came to be. The premise from One Season Sendoff was modified to focus on shows that were canceled with episodes left unaired and the idea to pitch what could have been future episodes, spin offs, and finales was modified from Plot Twits’ pitch related games. I started out the show with two former co-hosts of Loudcast. We launched in June of 2015, made it to New and Noteworthy on iTunes, then stalled out after 3 episodes. Between all of our work schedules, we couldn’t find much time to record, so the show went on hiatus for a few months, came back with episode 4 in September of that year, then went back on hiatus. In October of 2015, we recorded an episode with the host of Cynical Cartoons on as a guest and we guested on his show. The plan was to release that episode the same week as Cynical Cartoons released their episode with us as guests. Unfortunately, this was around the time I began struggling with depression. I found everything pointless and didn’t find joy in the things I loved to do, like the podcast. Time went on, I ended up getting the help I needed, and I got better (for the most part). In June of 2016, I decided I was ready to get back to my podcast. My former co-hosts, as much as they were willing to come back, were just too busy with work and other things in their lives. I released Episode 5 almost a year after our launch and in the mean time started searching for a new co-host. The show was slightly retooled to be slightly shorter episodes (mainly due to not going off on quite as many tangents, although we still do sometimes) and going from a total of three hosts down to two. Episode 6 was a test run for my twin brother who had wanted to get into podcasting for a while, and Episode 7 was a test run for one of my best friends, Eddy. I ended up having better chemistry with Eddy (sorry John) and he became my new co-host. Every once in a while, the Loudcast crew gets together to record a one off episode, which now that I had my own show all set, I was on, and we all got to catch up and have fun. Podcasting has been something very important to me. It lets me catch up with old friends, learn more about audio editing and marketing, and is just something I love doing. Since UnAired! has returned, we have been pretty consistent with releasing episodes (missing a week or two here and there) and I feel like we’ve been able to find things we can improve on each episode. Now that we’re back, I don’t plan on stopping again, its something that I get to enjoy doing every week. If you read this far, you’re a champ, and if you’re a listener, I just want to say thank you for all your support. It means so much to me that people actually listen to a goofy show I do with one of my best friends. I’m gonna stop being all gushy now. Just always remember, some things are better left UnAired!