Episode 52: Kristin (with Jess McKenna)

This week, Ed is joined by Jess McKenna from Off Book: The Improvised Musical to discuss a show that delves into musical theater, Kristin Chenoweth's failed NBC sitcom, Kristin. Join them as they pitch a way to get rid of... Continue Reading →


Episode 51: Nearly Departed

In our Halloween episode, we cover something spooooky, ghosts AND a not so good show. This week, we cover the failed sitcom, Nearly Departed, from Monty Python's Eric Idle. Join us as we bring in a martini drinking dog and... Continue Reading →

Episode 50: The Nutt House

We're back, baby! In our 50th episode, we cover the failed Mel Brooks TV show, The Nutt House, about a wacky hotel. We retire an old segment, and birth a new one in its wake. Sorry for the audio quality,... Continue Reading →

Episode 49: Zombieland (with Film Foil)

This week, Ed is joined by Brandon from the Film Foil podcast to discuss a show based on a film. They take a bite out of Zombieland (zombie pun), the ill fated Amazon TV pilot based on the hit film... Continue Reading →

Episode 48: God, the Devil and Bob (with Lets Chat! with Revill and Friends)

Its getting Biblical! Not really, the Bible isn't on video. This week, I'm joined by Chris Revill of Lets Chat! with Revill and Friends to discuss the failed animated series God, the Devil and Bob. The show has French Stewart,... Continue Reading →

Episode 47: Life on a Stick

Ed and Eddy brave the horrible audio fairy's curse this week to cover the failed show Life on a Stick, about two goobers who work in a corn dog stand. Oh, and also, The Tucc is Loose again this week.... Continue Reading →

Episode 46: Ghost Rider The Animated Series (with Tuned In, Dialed Up)

Friend of the show Gavin joins Ed this week with a backdoor pilot for a Ghost Rider animated series. They tried to make a kids show about a flaming skull man who hunts evil people...yup. The show would have premiered... Continue Reading →

Episode 45: Over the Top

Be prepared for Tim Curry impressions galore this week, as we cover his failed ABC sitcom "Over the Top", where Curry plays a failed actor who moves into the hotel his ex wife manages. The show also starred Annie Potts... Continue Reading →

Episode 44: The Farm (The Office backdoor pilot)

We're entering new territory here this week, as we cover our first backdoor pilot. The Farm (season 9, episode 17) was intended to launch a Dwight centric spin off after The Office closed its doors. It wasn't picked up to... Continue Reading →

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